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Master classes of the summer school

Below are all lectures that are held during the NLITED summer school between 16 and 19 August 2022 in Copenhagen.
Any changes to the programme and timetable will be reported here.
It is also possible to register and follow them online here.

On 16 August, we will be talking about the Measurement and interpretation of daylight.
08:45 Measuring Light, Niko Gentile (30 min)
09:15 Coffee break (30 min)  
10:00 Daylight Quality, Marie-Claude Dubois (45 min)
10:30 Beyond the metrics, Paul Rogers & Angel Perez Morata (30 min)
10:45 Visual Comfort in health facilities, Luca Zaniboni (15 min)
11:00 Thermal and Visual effects of Light, Natalia V. Giraldo (15 min)
11:30 What is ‘healthy lighting’?, Forrest Webler (30 min)  


On 17 August, we will be talking about the Integration and Intervention in daylighting design
08:10 Design approach to daylight in building, Federica Giuliani (30 min)
08:40 Sunlight Assessment,  Valerio R.M. Lo Verso (30 min)
09:10 Daylight and solar shading, Helle Foldbjerg Rasmussen (30 min)
09:40 Coffee break (20 min)  
10:00 Daylight and solar shading, Helle Foldbjerg Rasmussen (15 min)
10:15 Virtual Reality as a tool, Kynthia Chamilothori (60 min)
11:15 Daylight Craft: Revisiting Careful Architectural Detailing, Werner Osterhaus  (30 min)


On 18 August, we will be talking about Daylighting Simulation and Evaluation
08:10 Fundamentals of rendering with light, Mandana S. Khanie (40 min)
08:50 Preparing a simple simulation, Mathias S. Schaltz (40 min)
09:30 Coffee break (30 min)
10:00 Advanced simulation strategies, E. Brembilla (40 min)
10:40 Visual comfort and glare,  Jan Wienold (20 min)
11:00 Standards and Building Regulations in practice,  Jens Christoffersen (20 min)


On 19 August, we will be talking about Dessimination and poster of daylight data 
08:15 Scientific Dissemination, Geo Clausen (30 min)
08:45 Visualisation and Presentation, Nicholas Roy (30 min)
09:15 Presenting science: Visual communication of daylight research and projects, Natalia Sokol (30 min)
09:45 Coffee break (30 min)  
10:15 Daylight and its spectra: Spatio-temporal variability of skylight, Aicha Diakite (30 min)


It will be possible to register online and attend lectures up to the same day. You can follow every day or just one day.