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Daylighting in buildings


Summer school Ed 2





What is it?

A seven-day boot camp run by daylighting experts. This is an engaging way to learn, get full daylighting work experience and meet a network of industry professionals and companies.

The summer school is aimed at both Masters and PhD students but also at professionals interested in an intensive study programme.

Where and when will it be?

The summer school will be held in Poland, organized by Politechnika Gdańska (Gdańsk University of Technology) from 26 August to 1 September 2023.

The 1st of September there will be a pubblic event to present the NLITED project and the sumemr school students’ works hosted by the gdynia desing days.


What does it include?

Four days of seminars and activites
A project work developed under the supervision of experts
One technical tour to discover the architecture of Gdansk
Presentation of the works in a pubblic event  with gdynia design days (the 1st September)

What is the program?

The program stretches over a week with activities including a training program, a technical tour and a final event in connection with the gdynia design days.

In detail:

  • Day 1: Welcome meeting
  • Day 2: Architectural Technical Tour of Gdansk
  • Day 3: Masterclasses and groups work at Politechinca of Gdansk
  • Days 4-6: Masterclasses and groups work at the Eureka Hotel
  • Day 7: Final event


It is possible to apply for summer school from 1 March until 15 April 2023.

The application will be available within the NLITED platform from 1 March.

Up to 32 students will be selected for the summer school.

For more information, please write to


Participation fee

The amount of contribution for participation in the summer school will be published soon.


Getting ready for summer school (selection criteria)

Selection criteria include knowledge of some of the online modules of the nlited platform, which are considered prerequisites for participation in the summer school. 

NLITED eModules required

  • Candidates must have passed at least three (3) NLITED eModules or have equivalent preparation.
  • Certificates of attendance for the modules passed must be attached to the application form within the ePlatform.
  • The list of the modules passed must include at least two (2) of the following modules: B1.0, B4.1, and B5.1. These modules are considered a prerequisite for entry to summer school.
  • Alternatively, applicants must provide evidence of equivalent preparation for the two selected modules (e.g. certificates from external courses). Equivalent certificates (or other documents) must also be attached to the application.

Minimum number of NLITED modules to follow to apply for summer school. Compulsory modules may be replaced by certificates demonstrating equivalent training.



Certificate of Attendance

All participants attending the summer school will be issued a certificate of attendance.

The NLITED summer school is designed to have a workload of 4 ECTS. However, for credits to be recognised, it will have to be the home institution of the participants that judges and awards credits to the trainees. The NLITED committee assumes no responsibility for the possible non-recognition of credits by the home institution.