Summer school

The summer schools are part of the educational package of the NLITED project. They are a one-week intensive module and will run after the launch of the platform.
During the summer school, the theoretical knowledge contained in the ePlatform will apply in an architectural project-oriented to daylighting design.

The participants’ works will present at a conference at the end of the week. Subsequently, such results will be collected in a publication and will highlight in the dissemination channels of the NLITED project.

Where and when will the summer schools be?

Two summer schools are planned.

Each summer school is connected to a conference to be held in the same place.

How to participate in summer school?

To take part in the summer school, you must send the application form to the NLITED secretariat.
Participating students are six from each country of the project for a total of 28 participants.
Regarding the host country, the students of the other three project countries (Italy, Denmark/Poland, Sweden) will receive an Erasmus mobility scholarship for their participation in the summer school.
Applications from other European countries will also be considered, but without scholarships.

More details will be provided after the activation of the online platform.

What are the requirements for the selection of participants?

To participate in the summer school, applicants must be registered on the education platform NLITED. More details on the participation requirements can be found on the application form.
The students of the four organising institutes will be favoured.