Daylighting education

NLITED offers an educational package based on modular teaching (eModules) through an online platform and an intensive study programme in the form of a summer school. The ePlatform contains theoretical knowledge on daylighting subject, while the summer school is optional and used for in-depth applied training.

The educational path is personalised and tailored to the needs of each participant.

You can only take the eModules that serve to improve your preparation or that interest you the most.

The NLITED project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The participation of students in the training project is free of charge, and the possibility to participate in the summer school is conditioned by the number of Erasmus+ mobility grants.

The online course consists of 24 independent modules. Each of them contains 3 hours of recorded teaching material plus downloadable training material. Classes are recorded in English while the training material is also in the other four languages of the project (Danish, Italian, Polish, Swedish).

The summer schools are a week-long intensive study programme and will be implemented after the launch of the platform.

Some important future dates:

  • October 2021: Launch of the online platform
  • August 2020: Summer school Edition 1