The platform offers a comprehensive and integrated online course on all aspects of daylight related to the building sector. This specialist knowledge is useful for the training of students in technical faculties (architecture, urban planning, engineering, design, etc.) and professionals such as designers, architects, engineers, technicians in the sector. Scholars of other related subjects can also find in some theoretical modules that can be adapted to their needs, for example, art historians.

The educational path is customised and adapted to the needs of each participant. You can take only those eModules that serve to improve your preparation or that interest you the most.

The online course consists of 28 independent modules. Each of them contains around 3 hours of recorded teaching material plus downloadable training material. The teaching material is recorded in English o it has English subtitles. The teaching material is currently in English. Subsequently, material will be produced in the other four languages of the NLITED project (Danish, Italian, Polish, Swedish). 

Learners’ participation in the training project is free of charge. Participation in the course is conditioned by an entry test (to determine the incoming knowledge) and an exit test (to determine the acquired knowledge and the recognition of training credits).

For each module passed, there will be awards in ETCS credits (according to agreements with universities) or professional updating credits (CTU, according to national regulations) or certificates of attendance.

Recognition for participation is in the presentation form of each module.